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D-Alanine Metabolism in E. carotovora

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Erwinia carotovora is a member of the “soft-rot” group of Erwinias and is capable of causing tissue maceration and disease among a broad host range of plants, especially potato tubers held in storage. D-Alanine is a necessary precursor in the biosynthesis of peptidoglycan layer in Erwinia carotovora.

The naturally occurring L-Alanine isomer is racemized to its D-form through the action of a class of enzymes called AlRs (Alanine Racemase). This enzyme is ubiquitous among prokaryotes and with very few exceptions are absent in eukaryotes. All known bacteria require D-Alanine, whereas only L-Alanine is used in mammalian protein synthesis. L-Alanine is also a product of several other metabolic pathways like Cyanoamino Acid Metabolism, Selenoamino Acid Metabolism, Alanine and Aspartate, and D-Arginine [...]


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