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Erythropoietin Pathway

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Erythropoiesis is a major pathway for Erythrocyte production, by which pluripotent Hematopoietic Stem Cells give rise to mature end stage cells via a series of differentiations. Epo (Erythropoietin), a glycoprotein hormone and a multifunctional Hematopoietic Cytokine ligand, is the master regulator of Erythropoiesis. As a major function, it monitors the safe passage of the committed Erythroid progenitor cells through several physiological and developmental stages by stimulating Growth, preventing Apoptosis, and promoting terminal differentiation. In addition to its immense survival strategies, Epo initiates Hemoglobin synthesis and is an essential viability and Growth factor in the maintenance of a steady physiological level of circulating Erythrocyte mass which ensure adequate tissue Oxygen levels and maintain an appropriate Oxygen supply throughout the body (Ref.1 & 2). It is [...]


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