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Granzyme Pathway

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Killer lymphocytes are key players in the effector arm of the immune response that eliminate cells infected with intracellular pathogens and transformed tumor cells. Killer cells in both adaptive and innate immunity-T cells (CTLS) and natural killer (NK) cells, respectively, use the same basic mechanisms for destroying their targets, although they are triggered by distinct receptors and the expression of cytotoxic granules is constitutive in NK cells, but regulated in T cells. Release of the contents of cytotoxic granules into the immunological synapse formed between the killer cell and its target cell is important for immune elimination of viruses, intracellular bacteria, and tumors. Granzyme-A (GzmA), a tryptase and B (GzmB), serine protease, are the most abundant granules; independently induce death [...]


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