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Mucosal Healing through Trefoil Factors

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Epithelial continuity depends on a family of small, yet abundant, secreted proteins the TFFs (Trefoil Factors). TFFs are considered as Rapid Response agents to mucosal injury; with up-regulation of expression in the early stages of mucosal repair. These peptides are involved in mucosal maintenance and repair through motogenic and anti-apoptotic activities. They also function as scatter factors, pro-invasive and angiogenic agents. TFFs are connected with multiple oncogenic pathways. As a consequence, the TFF signaling pathways serve as potential targets in the control of chronic inflammation and progression of human solid tumors (Ref.1 & 2). The TFFs constitute a family of small regulatory gastric peptides consisting of three members, TFF1/pS2 (Gastrointestinal Trefoil Protein-pS2), TFF2/SP (Spasmolytic Protein-1) and TFF3/ITF (Intestinal Trefoil Factor). [...]


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