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Biological Animations are a highly effective way of marketing.

Why pay $30,000 per minute when you can get the same benefit of Animations for $5,000 per minute?

Biological Animations are a highly effective way of marketing. Animations get click-thru’s to your site by being posted on youtube. Animations are easier to rank highly on search engines than webpages or even images. They get attention at trade shows.

They increase audience retention at presentations. They are a great educational tool for lectures and on websites.

Protein Lounge Animations feature a cartoonish animation style that is the ultimate in attention grabbing.

People perceive cells with personality and color differently than they do static cells. Protein Lounge Animations are the most effective animations in getting people’s attention and getting people to learn.

The low cost of Protein Lounge Animations combined with the great ROI generated by the Protein Lounge style allows a business to generate a net profit from each and every Protein Lounge Animation. Our clients have reported that ProteinLounge Animations get shared, get attention, generate traffic to the website, and importantly increase the number of customers.

Animation Price:

3D Only


Story Boarding $ 1000 $ 1000
Animation(One minute) $ 5000 $ 2500
Additional Minutes $ 2000/Minute $ 1000/Minute
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