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Pathway Database

This is the largest database of protein signaling and metabolic pathways. All proteins in each are hyperlinked to detailed information about them....

siRNA Database

This is the first complete database of pregenerated siRNA targets throughout a variety of organisms. This is a necessary database for anyone working with gene expression analysis ....

Peptide Antigen Database

It contains antigenic peptide targets against all known protein sequences throughout a variety of organisms. This is a ideal database for anyone working with antibody/ drug development..

Kinase-Phosphatase Database

It is a list of all protein kinases and protein phosphatases organized with their substrates. This database allows one to search by kinases, phosphatases or by the substrates....

Transcription Factors Database

It is a resource housing information relating to transcription factors of humans and other organisms. This database is organized by the transcription factor names, organisms & binding sequences ....

GPCR Database

G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) form a large superfamily of membrane proteins that modulate sensory perception, chemotaxis, neurotransmission....

Biochemical Compound

The database contains text and graphics describing important molecules commonly involved in cellular signaling, biosynthesis and metabolism....

Protein Database

Proteins Database contains all necessary information for proteins. Proteins have datasheets, reviews, signaling pathway relation, disease relation, sequences, publications and reagent links......



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