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To get started with Easy siRNA Tool, Copy & Paste a DNA Sequence at the Enter Sequence Here text area. If you don't have any sequence then you can search for the sequence by typing either the Gene name or the GenBank Number at the text area provided near the Search button.

Region to search for siRNA box

It indicates the Coding Region of the Sequence to search for siRNA's. It can be changed by the user to select any portion from the sequence. This is the region of interest to search for siRNA's. The siRNA search will start from within this region taking into account other search values.

The most accurate method of generating siRNA

The best siRNA fragments are displayed first, taking into account all the criteria given in the boxes below.

Multiple Cloning Sites and Vector Maps

siRNA Cloning Results

The easiest and most accurate method of generating siRNA. Easy siRNA accounts for mRNA folding so that the siRNA fragment binds to the optimum unfolded region of mRNA.An siRNA is chosen which does not interfere with the other mRNAs within the cell.

Synthetic siRNA Results

The siRNA fragments are displayed with their start and end positions from the DNA sequence entered. By default 4 siRNA fragments are displayed. You can view additional siRNA fragments by clicking on the view more siRNA fragments button.

Displayed siRNA Fragments

Every siRNA fragments searched will be preceeded by the First nucleotide target for siRNA value.



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