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Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Pathways - Visual Guide

This might be the largest existing database of protein signaling and metabolic pathways. All pathways contain detailed reviews and references. All proteins in each pathway are hyperlinked to detailed[...]

A Better Way To Know Kinase-Phosphatase

This database can be searched using terms associated with kinases, phosphatases or by their substrates. Some of these kinases and phosphatases are extremely specific, phosphorylating or[...]

Exploit GPCR Database In A Better Way

G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) form a large superfamily of membrane proteins that modulate sensory perception, chemotaxis, neurotransmission, cell communication, and many other vital[...]

How To Use - Transcription Factor

The Transcription Factor database contains all essential information about the transcription factors such as classification, specific functions, DNA sequence, domains, structures, interaction with[...]

A Short Tour To Peptide Antigen Database

The Peptide Antigen database contains antigenic peptide targets predicted for known protein sequences in a variety of organisms. Using Protein Lounge online hydroplotting tool, one can view[...]

Video Tour Of siRNA Database

The siRNA Database has targets against almost all known genes and are accessible by a simple gene search. All genes in the siRNA database are also linked to our Protein and Pathway databases,[...]

Guide To Use Biochemical Compound

This database contains information about important molecules commonly involved in cellular signaling, biosynthesis and metabolism. For each molecule, the database provides a large amount of[...]

How To Use - Protein Database

The Protein Lounge Protein Database contains all important information for proteins such as reviews, signaling pathways, disease association, sequences, publications and reagent lists. Typically,[...]

Easy siRNA - The Easiest Way TO Predict siRNA

Easy siRNA offers an efficient method of finding siRNA targets and cloning them online. The program uses the Tuschl algorithm to generate siRNA targets. All targets are screened using BLAST to remove[...]

Explore Pathway Builder

Pathway Builder is an online pathway drawing tool and is one of the fastest and easiest method of creating signal transduction pathways. It enables you to design your own project or use pre-made[...]

Protein Hydroplotter

The Protein Hydroplotter allows one to distinguish the hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions of any protein sequence displayed in Hopps-Woods, Kyte-Doolittle and Kolaskar-tangaonkar antigenicity plots.[...]

Clone Easy - Guide To Use

Clone Easy is an online tool which allows a researcher to perform PCR cloning, from either a pet sequence or selecting one from our database of genes. A wide variety of vectors could be also[...]

Peptide-Antigen Finder For Antibodies and Drugs

The Peptide Antigen Finder tool finds the best antigenic peptides of a protein sequence. You can enter your own protein sequence or search a protein/gene in our database. Peptide Antigen Finder will[...]

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