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  1. SARS-CoV Virus-Host Interactions and Comparative Etiologies of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome as Determined by Transcriptional and Cytokine Profiling of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissues
    Baas T, JK Taubenberger, P Y Chong, P Chui, and MG Katze. J O Inteferon & Cytokine Research 26: 309-317. Mined Protein Lounge pathways to make biosets.
  1. A Discrete Nash Theorem with Low Complexity and Dynamic Equilibria
    Protein Lounge MAPK Pathway to help find 113 chemical reactions involved in the pathway.
  1. Information integration of protein-protein interactions as essential tools for immunomics
    Mentions ProteinLounge as a database working to provide knowledge about interaction networks.
  1. Charakterisierung und Optimierung von replikationskompetenten murinen Leukämieviren (MLV)   als Gentransfervehikel
    Used figures from Protein Lounge (Fig 1-4 and Fig 1-17).
  1. Pathway Mapping Tools for Analysis of High Content Data
    Ekins S, Y Nikolsky, A Bugrim, E Kirillov, and T Nikolskaya. Meth in Mol Bio 356: 319-349. Protein Lounge is mentioned as a pathway database.
  1. Present and future of rapid and/or high-throughput methods for nucleic acid testing
    Uses protein lounge siRNA database to help identify the number of protein coding genes.
  1. The phosphoinositide 3-kinase pathway and cancer
    David Stokoe. Expert Rev in Mol Med 7: 1-22
  1. Biological networks and analysis of experimental data in drug discovery
    Nikolsky Y,T Nikolskaya and A Bugrim. DDT 9: 653-662. Mentions Protein Lounge as a resource for pathway maps and process ontologies.
  1. Oligonucleotides as Anticancer Agents: From the Benchside to the Clinic and Beyond
    ProteinLounge mentioned as having a database of siRNAs that are effective in several species.
    Protein Lounge pathways used: p53(Fig 18), oestrogen receptor (Fig 36), and Glucocorticoid (Fig 37).
  1. Techniques for delivering medical care by improving decision-making skills of medical personnel
    United States Patent Application 20050170323. ProteinLounge Mentioned as a large database of biochemical pathways organized in a useful format.
  1. Construction of dephosphorylation site prediction system.
    Poster G8. Substrate Information from Protein lounge database.
  1. Production of Antipetide Antibodies
    Lee BS, JS Huang, GD Lasanthi, P Jayathilaka, SS Lateef, and S Gupta. Recommends Protein Lounge database as a means of selecting antigenic peptide targets.

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