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Apoptotic Pathways Triggered By HIV1

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Apoptosis, necroptosis, and pyroptosis are the three major ways of PCD(programed cell death) following virus infection. Among them, apoptosis is the most extensively investigated PCD during viral infection. Apoptosis elicited by virus infection has both negative and positive influence on viral replication.Apoptosis is triggered by two distinct signaling pathways, namely the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways(Ref.1).

The intrinsic apoptotic pathway is elicited by a wide range of intracellular stress conditions, including cytokine deprivation, DNA damage, oxidative stress, cytosolic Ca2+ overload and endoplasmic reticulum stress whereas the extrinsic apoptotic pathway is activated by extracellular stress stimulation that is sensed and triggered through activation of death receptors of the TNF( tumor necrosis factor) family, including TNFR1(TNF receptor 1), FAS (also called CD95 or APO-1 [...]


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