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CMV and MAPK Pathways

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An upregulation of cellular signaling pathways is observed in multiple cell types upon HCMV(human cytomegalovirus) infection, suggesting that a global feature of HCMV infection is the activation of the host cell. HCMV initiates and maintains cellular signaling through a multitiered process that is dependent on a series of events: (1) the viral glycoprotein ligand interacts with its cognate receptor, (2) cellular enzymes and viral tegument proteins present in the incoming virion are released and (3) a variety of viral gene products are expressed. Viral-mediated cellular modification has differential outcomes depending on the cell type infected.Human CMV infects a significant portion of the human population and belongs to the family of beta-herpes virus(Ref.1&2).

One of the major components of the CMV virion [...]


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