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Epithelial Adherens Junctions

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Adhesion between neighboring epithelial cells is a crucial and tightly controlled process. The integrity of cell-cell contacts is essential for the regulation of electrolyte absorption and for the prevention of tumor metastasis. In polarized epithelia, specialized structures such as Adherens Junctions (AJs) and Tight Junctions (TJs) are responsible for the establishment of contacts between neighboring cells. The establishment and stability of Adherens Junction is tightly regulated-in particular, by Growth Factors, cytokines and hormones. Such regulation, although poorly understood, is quite essential for the modulation of paracellular permeability in various epithelia, for the epithelium mesenchyme transition, and for development, morphogenesis and wound healing (Ref.1). The Adherens Junctions in epithelial cells are specialized structures for the cell-cell adhesion machinery and consist of [...]


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