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FAK1 Signaling

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Engagement of integrin receptors with extracellular ligands gives rise to the formation of complex multi-protein structures that link the ECM (Extracellular Matrix) to the cytoplasmic actin cytoskeleton and signaling proteins including Talin, Alpha-actinin, Vinculin, Zyxin, Paxillin and FAK (Focal Adhesion Kinase). These adhesive complexes are dynamic, often heterogeneous structures, varying in size and organization, and signaling through these complexes and focal adhesions have been implicated in the regulation of a number of key cellular processes, including growth factor induced mitogenic signals, cell survival, cell proliferation and migration, cell locomotion and regulation of cell cycle (Ref.1). FAK is a non-receptor cytosolic PTK with a central catalytic domain flanked by large N- and C-terminal domains that indirectly localizes to sites of integrin-receptor [...]


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