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Frizzled-PCP Pathway in D. melanogaster

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In multicellular organisms, epithelia form highly organized structures. Epithelial apical-basolateral polarity enables the tissues to perform functions such as vectorial transport of fluid or secretion of specialized components to either their apical or basal side. However, the function of some tissues requires an additional axis of polarity within an epithelium, namely uniform polarity of single cells or multicellular units within the plane of the epithelium, commonly referred to as epithelial PCP (Planar Cell Polarity). PCP has been found in the epithelium of organisms from flies to humans. In Drosophila, PCP signaling is required for the appropriate orientation of trichomes or hairs of the adult wing and for appropriate chirality of ommatidia in the eye, and may regulate asymmetric cell divisions [...]


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