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Gibberellin Signaling in Barley Aleurone Grain

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GAs (Gibberellins) are members of a large family of Diterpenoid compounds, which are essential for a number of processes, including Gene Expression in Cereal Aleurones, Seed Germination, Elongation, Growth, and Flowering. During the last four decades, Barley Aleurone has been a valuable system for studying GA regulation of gene expression. After germination, GAs are released from the Embryo into the Endosperm, triggering the expression of a number of genes encoding Hydrolytic enzymes in Aleurone cells. Many of these Hydrolytic enzymes, which include Alpha-Amylase, Proteases, and Cell Wall–degrading enzymes, are secreted and are responsible for digestion of the stored reserves in the starchy endosperm. The Signal transduction events leading from the Receptor to the coordination of the Complex events that make [...]


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