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Glutathione Metabolism in N. meningitides MC58

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Neisseria meningitidis is a causative agent of meningitis, and is responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Most disease-causing N. meningitidis strains belong to Serogroups A, B and C. Serogroup A strains are responsible for epidemic disease in developing countries, and Serogroup B and C strains are responsible for outbreaks of menigitis in the developed world. The 2,272,351-base pair genome of N. meningitidis Strain MC58 (Serogroup B), a causative agent of meningitis and septicemia, contains 2158 predicted coding regions, 1158 (53.7%) of which are responsible for biological roles (Ref.1). N. meningitidis resides in its natural habitat within the nasopharyngeal tract of humans.

Glutathione metabolism in N. meningitidis involves both the synthesis of Glutathione and its catabolism. Glutathione is a [...]


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