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Glycine and Serine Metabolism in H. pylori 26695

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H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori) are Gram-negative, micro-aerophilic, spiral-shaped and flagellated bacteria that remains associated with Gastric inflammation and Peptic ulcer disease. As a human pathogen, H. pylori’s presence in the gastric mucosa is associated with Gastritis and is often implicated in Peptic ulceration and Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue Lymphomas (Ref.1). The H. pylori genome is important for drug discovery and vaccine development and this is exemplified by the genome analysis of H. pylori Strain 26695. H. pylori 26695 protein-coding genes (1,590 genes) are unique to the strain. H. pylori have well-developed systems for motility, for scavenging iron, and for DNA restriction and modification. Many putative Adhesins, Lipoproteins and other outer membrane proteins facilitate the potential complexity of host-pathogen interaction (Ref.2).

H. [...]


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