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Hair Growth Cycle

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The hair follicle is a three-dimensional tube, composed mainly of epithelial cells that protrude down through the epidermis and dermis of the skin, enveloping at its base the mesenchyme-derived dermal papilla. These hair follicle acts as a sensory organ and immunologic sentinel for the skin. Hairs detect mechanical stimuli above the surface of the skin, and the slightest bend in a hair activates Neuroreceptors in the follicle, relaying important sensory information to the Nervous System. The Langerhans cells (Dendritic Antigen-Presenting Cells) at the opening of the follicle detect surface pathogens and activate the immune system. The hair follicle has a complex immunologic profile, with immunologically "privileged" matrix at its base, and a complement of perifollicular macrophages, mast cells, and other [...]


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