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Hedgehog Signaling in Mammals

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Controlled cell proliferation is a predominant theme in normal embryonic and post-embryonic development, and, in many instances, cell-type specification and cell proliferation are intimately coupled. Several secreted intercellular signaling proteins that behave as morphogens during pattern formation are also implicated in the regulation of the cell cycle. Hedgehogs (Hhs) are one such class of morphogens that regulate an enormous variety of developmental events in the fly and vertebrate embryo and plays a central role in several cancers.

The vertebrate Hh family is represented by at least three members: Dhh (Desert Hh), Ihh (Indian Hh) and Shh (Sonic Hh), two Patched homologs, Ptc1 (Patched-1) and Ptc2 (Patched-2); and three homologs of Ci (Cubitus interruptus, a 155 kDa cytoplasmic zinc finger protein), Gli1, [...]


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