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IL-22 Pathway

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IL-22 (Interleukin-22) is a member of the IL-10 family of cytokines. IL-22 was identified as a T-cell-derived inducible factor produced by IL-9-activated murine T cells. It is an important effector molecule for activated Th1-, Th22-, Th17-, and Tc-cell subsets, natural killer and NKT cells. In contrast to other cytokines, IL-22 does not mediate autocrine or paracrine functions between leukocytes, but instead serves as a mediator of communication between these cells. IL-22 may exert multiple effects on the immune system and may be involved in the acute phase response, activation of the innate immune system, induction of cell migration, inhibition of dentritic cell functions and attenuation of allergic responses (Ref.1).

IL-22 triggers intracellular signals by binding to a heterodimeric receptor complex that [...]


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