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MSP-RON Signaling

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One of the basic aspects of the immune response is that the host must be able to clear infections efficiently, while minimizing damage caused to host tissues and regulation of macrophage activities in response to inflammatory stimuli must be finely tuned to promote an effective immune response. MSP (Macrophage Stimulating Protein) acts through the transmembrane receptor kinase RON (RON Protein Tyrosine Kinase/Receptor d’origine nantais) to play a role in inflammation, in response to tissue injury (Ref.1 & 2). RON is expressed on the ciliated epithelia of the mucociliary transport apparatus of the liver (Kupffer cells) and MSP binds to the Beta-chain of RON receptor. However, the MSP protein have two receptor binding sites of different affinity, one on the Alpha-chain [...]


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2.RON is a heterodimeric tyrosine kinase receptor activated by the HGF homologue MSP.
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