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Netrin Signaling

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Directional information is provided to migrating neurons and growth cones in the form of extracellular cues, whose presence, absence, or concentration differential is transduced into effects on the cytoskeletal machinery that underlie motility. Among the best-characterized secreted guidance cues are the Netrins, Semaphorins, Ephrins, and Slit protein families. Several of these factors are bifunctional, producing positive growth and guidance effects on some growth cone populations and negative effects on others (Ref.1).

Netrins comprise a phylogenetically conserved family of guidance cues related to the extracellular matrix molecule laminin. Netrins are secreted from the floor plate and ventral spinal cord and act as a chemoattractant for commissural axons. They are bifunctional and attract some axons and repel others. Netrin-induced attraction is mediated by [...]


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