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Signaling by Slit

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Neuronal growth cones in the developing nervous system are guided to their targets by attractive and repulsive guidance molecules, which include members of the Netrin, Semaphorin, Ephrin, and Slit protein families. Slit is a ~200 KD secretory protein originally shown to be expressed by neurons and glial cells. Slit was originally identified in Drosophila as an extracellular cue to guide axon pathfinding, to promote axon branching, and to control neuronal migration (Ref.1).

Mammalian Slit consists of three members, Slit1, Slit2, and Slit3. All are expressed in the nervous system but Slit1 is specifically expressed in brain, whereas Slit2 and Slit3 are expressed in brain as well as kidney, lung, heart, spleen, and lymph nodes. A prototypical Slit protein contains an N-terminal [...]


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