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Structure of Plasmodium Merozoite

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The Plasmodium Merozoite is an ovoid cell and measures approximately 1.5 micron in length and 1 micron in width. The apical end of the Merozoite is a truncated cone-shaped projection demarcated by the polar rings. At the anterior end of the Merozoite are present three types of membrane-bound organelles, namely, Rhoptries (two prominent pear-shaped, 570 X330 nm), micronemes (ovoid bodies, 100 X40 nm), and dense granules (spheroid vesicles, 140 X120 nm). The contents of these organelles play a role in the binding and entry of the Merozoite into the host cells. Extracellular Merozoites are intrinsically short-lived and must rapidly invade a new host erythrocyte (Ref.1). The Merozoite is surrounded by a trilaminar pellicle that is composed of a plasma membrane [...]


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