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T-Cell Receptor and CD3 Complex

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The lymphocyte population is mainly made up of the T-lymphocytes (Thymus-Derived Lymphocytes), B-lymphocytes (bone-marrow-derived), and the NK cells (Natural-Killer Cells). T-lymphocytes mediating the cellular immunity, along with B lymphocytes mediating humoral immunity, provide adaptive immunity, which work in close collaboration with the innate immune system. B-lymphocytes mature in the bone marrow itself, while the T-lymphocytes require the thymus to mature, before being deployed to the peripheral lymphoid organs for further antigen-mediated differentiation. These cells are responsible for antibody production, direct cell-mediated killing of virus-infected and tumor cells, and regulation of the immune response (Ref.1).

T cells are key mediators of the adaptive immune response. Each T cell contains a unique TCR (T-cell receptor), which binds antigens displayed by MHCs (Major Histocompatibility [...]


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