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Threonine Metabolism in W. succinogenes

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W. succinogenes (Wolinella succinogenes) is a non-fermenting bacterium that grows anaerobically. It is rod-shaped bacteria with monotrichous flagellation and the insertion of the flagellar motor is into the pole of the cell. W. succinogenes resides in the bovine rumen, the human gingival sulcus, and dental root canal infections. W. succinogenes, is closely related to the pathogenic bacteria H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori) and C. jejuni (Campylobacter jejuni) (Ref.1). Despite being considered non-pathogenic to its bovine host, W. succinogenes holds an extensive repertoire of genes homologous to known bacterial virulence factors. Many of these genes have been acquired by lateral gene transfer. W. succinogenes genome also reveals genes related to soil and plant associated bacteria such as the nif genes. It is [...]


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